Being a purist and an avid tea drinker, our CEO searched high and low for a product which had a great taste, tantalizing aroma and was healthy. He came back empty handed but had a vision to pursue. An R&D team of three scientists and seven tea tasters were set up for this new found vision but they soon ran into a roadblock.

After months of research, the R&D team developed an iced tea with a mesmerizing taste, tantalizing aroma but couldn’t add any benefits to the finished product without scarifying its taste or shelf life. Our CEO wanted to have a functional drink with a daily dose of Vitamin A, C & E. Addition of vitamins in a tea beverage makes the finished product taste more like a medicine and unstable.

The R&D team spent another 26 months on the project and came up with a way to have a ready to drink beverage which checked all the boxes – excellent taste, great aroma with added health benefits of vitamins A, C, E and Antioxidants. Soon after, the product was approved by the FDA and BARE NATURE was born. BARE NATURE seemed as an apt name for the beverage since the product is kept as close to nature as possible.

BARE NATURE was launched with the popular flavors like Peach and Lemon and later followed by exotic flavors like – Green Tea with Ginger & Honey and Guava Pineapple.

After the success of BARE NATURE Vitamin Iced tea, BARE NATURE 100% juice blends were launched in two exciting flavors – Juice Storm and Apple Pineapple Coconut.

Each product, be it an Iced Tea or 100% Juice, has a distinct stamp of BARE NATURE whereby each and every flavor hit the taste buds note-by-note which is not only uncommon but a rare phenomenon.

With keen eyes, an appetite for great taste coupled with health benefits our team is on a continuous journey to bring innovative products for the consumers delight.

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